Outsunny 20x10x7ft Heavy Duty Tunnel Walk-in Greenhouse Outdoor Backyard Seed Plant Vegetables Grow Warm House White

HEAVY DUTY STEEL FRAME: Heavy duty steel construction in a galvanized finish which is resistant to rust corrosion chipping and peeling. Also equipped with 4 slant bracing tubes front cross bar and middle reinforced tubes for enhanced stability.
LARGE WALK-IN GREENHOUSE: An ideal way to extend your growing season while easily managing your plants and protecting them from extreme temperature.
TRANSPARENT PLASTIC COVER: The tough durable and transparent PE plastic cover protects plants while allowing nourishing sunlight to pass through. The cover can be easily attached to the frame with included tether balls and double-side tape.
8 ROLL-UP SIDE WINDOW: The eight roll-up windows have netting to allow for cross ventilation and climate control while keeping pests and other threats out.
ROLL-UP FRONT ENTRANCE: A large zipped rollup door provides easy access to the inside and can be attached to the top in order to stay open. You can easily anchor the greenhouse into the soil. Added stability with 4 screw stakes 4 rods and overlong cover.

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