Soozier 110lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Set Weight Fitness Training Exercise – Black (pair)

LIMB TRAINING: You can do all kinds of workout with this dumbbell, such as: pushing, lifting, extraction, cast , squat jump etc. It can not only exercise you upper body muscles, but also can tone your leg muscles
ADJUSTABLE SET: You can easily increasing the weight by adding a weight disc or decreasing the weight by decreasing a weight disc. This helps you control and customize the weight depending on the workout.
HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE: The plastic cover can avoid damaging the floor and is suitable for home use. Also includes two galvanized steel bars and four galvanized nuts to hold weights securely in place. It is recommended that you use it on the floor mat for sports, which can prolong the service life
SUITABLE PLACE: This set of dumbbell is compact, and is suitable for home, gym or sports area
DIMENSIONS: Set includes 8 x 11lbs plates, 4 x 3.3lbs plates and 2 x 4.4lbs dumbbell bars; Single Dumbbell Maximum Weight: 55.1lbs

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