Outsunny 11.5’x10’x7’ Walk-in Greenhouse Growing House Ventilation Portable Outdoor PE

LARGE WALK-IN GREENHOUSE: An ideal way to extend your growing season by protecting plants form cold light wind light rain pests and birds while easily managing your plants.
ROLL-UP DOOR & WINDOWS: The zippered roll-up door can be opened fully for easy access and transport of plants or tools. The 6 mesh windows provide better air circulation for plants and are resistant to bugs. They can also work as observation windows to observe the growth of plants.
PE COVER: Fully closed waterproof and UV resistant PE cover maintains high humidity levels for growing tropical plants and allow nourishing sunlight to pass through. The 15 cm extended edges are supposed to be deep buried in the soil to tighten the cover for more stability and against rainwater accumulation.
STEADY STEEL FRAME: The galvanised steel frame is resistant to rust corrosion chipping and peeling. For more stability the greenhouse has 4 extra slant supporting rods the foot stakes are supposed to completely nailed in the ground and 4 included wind ropes should be tightened and fixed on the ground by 4 ground stakes.
OVERALL DIMENSION: 11.5'L x 10'W x 7'H. NOTE1: Please do not use acidic pesticides to avoid chemical reactions with the alkaline PE cover which result in breakage. NOTE2: In order to prolong the service life you need to strengthen it yourself before bad weather.

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